Student Leaders

Student Leadership is a Very Important Part of Te Puke High School

Meet our Student Leadership Team for 2019

Shayla Thompson, Head Girl

What is involved in my student leader role?

The role of Head Girl is largely based around supporting, connecting with and encouraging different people. A key attribute is to be very welcoming and approachable towards everyone. Alongside these attributes, the responsibilities that come with this role include chairing the Student Executive Council meetings in school, presenting speeches, attending community events and regional meetings and taking up opportunities to be present in the school and wider community. While the role of Head Girl has many different aspects to it, it is important to remember to be yourself and fulfil the role in your own way.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

As Head Girl, I propose to continuously offer my support towards everyone. I will abide by the 5Rs (Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, Resilience, Realising Potential) and represent the school with a positive attitude. This year I aim to make sure I am actively involved within the school in all aspects and provide a safe space for students to approach me.  I think as Head Girl it is very important to ensure you build relationships with everyone you meet. This complements the pride at Te Puke High School and ensures that relationships with the students and staff are genuine and natural.

I am humbled by this amazing opportunity and wish to leave a positive impact on the school and wider community.

What legacy do I want to leave?

Upon fulfilling my duty as Head Girl, I would like to be remembered as an enthusiastic and caring person who can relate closely towards others. I believe a very important aspect is to have made a positive influence on the student body to fuel belief within themselves and each other. This can encourage individuals to realise their own potential and help to improve our school in a positive way.

I would like to leave Te Puke High School knowing that I have managed to encourage a drive for aiming high within the whole school. I am in awe of the talent that lies within Te Puke High School and hope to encourage the rangatahi and rangatira of our school to be brave and showcase their natural abilities. I would like to create a legacy that allows students to be confident in themselves and also to understand their value.

Stephen Bell, Head Boy

What is involved in my student leader role?

My role as Head Boy, includes chairing the Executive Student Council alongside Shayla. The Student Executive Council includes all Student Leaders and House Captains. Shayla and I play a key part in making decisions that will benefit students in Te Puke High School. Another responsibility as Head Boy is to run forum meetings and promote leadership opportunities to students. Public speaking is another key aspect in the role. Shayla and I represent our school at assemblies, attending INSTEP Young Leaders meetings and public speaking at events such as ANZAC day and Senior Prize Giving.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

I think it is important to build up future generations and prepare them with guidance and wisdom.  I will work behind the scenes to make sure our students strive to be the best of their ability, not only in school but also in their walk of life. I propose to be approachable. All students in our school are overflowing with potential and talent.  I want students to feel part of our team and feel valued. I will do this by helping as many students as I can. I want to be able to develop strong positive relationships and keep all lines of communication open so students feel comfortable to approach me and share their amazing ideas.

What legacy do I want to leave?

I want to leave this school knowing I have done everything in my power to benefit our high school students. I want to be a role model for good morals and values.  Also, for students to not only value themselves but the community as well. I am keen to promote our school as one that radiates positivity, hungers for success and strives to aim high.

Tahlia Singleton, Arts Leader

What is involved in my student leader role?

My role as female Arts Leader includes a wide range of responsibilities.  Alongside Badal, I want to encourage students to be the best they can and to be as involved as they can.

As Arts Leader, I am a member of the Arts Committee, which organises and supports events within The Arts. I am also a member of the Student Executive Council alongside the other Student Leaders.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

As Arts Leader, I propose to represent the school to the best of my abilities. I want to role model the 5Rs within the school and encourage all students to follow them. I will do my best to build confidence within students at Te Puke High School through The Arts. I will help build relationships and will support students and teachers in every way I can. 

What legacy do I want to leave?

I want to leave a legacy, where people will remember 2019 as the year that students were provided with lots of opportunities to be involved in The Arts at Te Puke High School.

Badal Gill, Arts Leader

What is involved in my student leader role?

As the Arts Leader, my role and responsibility are to ensure that all Arts events run smoothly. These events are: the annual Lip Synch, School Production and Talent Quest. These three events are our big challenges but are achievable. There are also other events throughout the year that the Arts Leaders are able to assist with and get involved in.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

With my role, I propose that we try to get the younger year levels such as the Year 9 students to be involved in the array of events that are available throughout the year as they are new to the school and getting them involved will allow these events to run for many years to come.

What legacy do I want to leave?

As male Arts Leader, I want to be known as a friendly student, who is approachable.  I want to encourage greater involvement of the various cultures in our Arts programme.  Through doing so, I believe there will be greater unity amongst our diverse range of students.  I want to see senior students interacting more with the junior students in the Visual and Performing Arts and to share happy memories with one another. I want students to become confident within themselves so they become leaders of tomorrow.

Jiyun Byun, Cultural Leader

What is involved in my student leader role?

As a Culture Leader, I work alongside my co-leader Dylan and the sub-leaders to run the Cultural Committee. We organise multicultural events and activities to help the students to experience cultural diversity within our school. The activities include Language week, Pasifika by Nature, Cultural Market Day, Cultural Concert, Cultural games and Cultural Week.

It is important within this role to encourage all students from the different cultures and countries to co-operate together harmoniously. I am also a part of Student Executive Committee, where we collaborate to make decisions for events that Te Puke High School hold.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

I believe that the way our school celebrates cultural diversity is fabulous and we are very grateful that our school is well committed to cultural co-operation with the community. Our Cultural Committee plays an important role.  I will strive to support our Cultural Committee to promote a positive awareness in the cultural aspect. In addition to that, I would like to help the students and staff to gain more access to other cultures and express their own culture freely, by providing them with more opportunities to experience a variety of cultural activities. I also aim to create a network between students and staff of different year groups and cultures by building relationships, where we have mutual respect.

What legacy do I want to leave?

I hope to leave school knowing that our peers have become more aware of the cultural diversity in our school and are more familiar with a culturally responsive education.  In addition, I would like everyone to feel respected for their own culture, as well as respecting and valuing other cultures. By the end of this year, I would like to have contributed to help the students to embrace the differences between cultures, have plenty of intercultural experiences and develop appreciation to the wide range of cultures within our school.

I also hope to be remembered as a capable leader who always does her best and gives generous support to the fellow junior and senior students who desire to become leaders in the future and help them to build their leadership skills.

Dylan Shepherd, Cultural Leader

What is involved in my student leader role?

As the male Cultural Leader for 2019, I work closely with my partner Jiyun Biyun and also with Mrs Kristina Peina. I am very pleased with our Cultural Committee and group of international students this year.  I am excited to work with them to organise various events throughout the year such as Cultural Week, our Pasifika by Nature and Kapa Haka performance groups. Jiyun and I also spend a lot of time working to build relationships between the international students and the rest of the school, ultimately bringing Te Puke High School closer together as a whānau.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

Taking over from the amazing work of Cole and Anmol in 2018 is a responsibility that Jiyun and I are keen to uphold in 2019. I would like to promote and showcase each and every one of the many cultures we are lucky enough to have here at Te Puke High School, and bridge the gap between the international students and the rest of the school. I believe that the closer and more involved that our multicultural students can be with the rest of the school, the more connected and stronger the cohort will be between the students and teachers of Te Puke High School. Ultimately, I want to bring as many people together as I can and form as many new relationships between as many people as I can throughout 2019.

What legacy do I want to leave?

My goal is to be able to stand at the front gates of Te Puke High School at the end of 2019 and know that I have made a positive impact on as many students’ lives as possible. I would like to be able to look back and see a culturally diverse community where each and every culture is accepted and celebrated. I would like to see Te Puke High School closer as a whānau.

Beatrice Harman, Sports Leader

What is involved in my student leader role?

Being one of the Sports Leaders, my role is to be a positive role model for other students in all sporting areas of our school.   I will also ensure that I motivate students in all aspects of sport and ensure that sports at Te Puke High School continues to grow in and outside of our school.  Also, to make students realise their potential and work alongside them to get the best out of them. This year I will work alongside Connor to run activities such as Athletics Day, Cross Country and Swimming Sports and make sure they are successful. Another major part of my role is our Sports Committee.  This committee consists of students from Years 9 to 13. Connor and I run meetings every fortnight and get input from our other members to try and make sports in our school the best it can be. Being one of the Sports Leaders, I am also highly involved in our Executive Council.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

To me the role of Sports Leader is not about what I am able to achieve but instead what I am able to do to help others achieve their best in sport at our school.  As Sports Leaders, Connor and I want to find those athletes that are flying under the radar and motivate them to realise their full potential and guide them to do their best and put in 100%. It is an honour to fulfil the role of Sports Leader. I am excited to see where the year takes us. I will do my best to motivate our students to realise that the more they are involved with, the more experience they gain and the more memories they make.

What legacy do I want to leave?

I would like to remembered as a person that was positive and kind. I would like to leave behind a positive and supportive environment in our school. I want to have made very good relationships with my teachers and peers. One of my biggest goals is to be a part of a collaborative leadership team that contributed to every student at Te Puke High School, feeling like it was their best year of school regardless if it is their last year or first year. I wish to leave the school knowing that students feel as though they can celebrate their sporting successes whether they’re big or small.

Connor Gibney, Sports Leader

What is involved in my student leader role?

As a Sports Leader, I have the role and responsibility to help and motivate all students in all sporting areas here at Te Puke High School. I will be working with Beatrice Harman and Ben Hopkins to organise and help ensure that the sporting events that happen throughout the year (Athletics, Swimming Sports and Cross Country) are successful. Beatrice and I also have the responsibility to organise a Sports Committee that involves students from Year 9 to Year 13 with different genders and ethnicities. As a committee we will meet once every two weeks to talk about what is happening with sport at Te Puke High School and what we can do to improve the sporting opportunities for our students.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

As a Sports Leader, I will try my best to get students involved in sports but also do my best to get involved as well. I will always display the school values and strive to be a role model for everyone. I will be organised and motivated to make all sporting codes here at Te Puke High school be enjoyable. Beatrice and I will continue to support the Sports Committee as well as school wide sporting opportunities.

What legacy do I want to leave?

I want to leave the legacy of a hard-working student who puts 100% into everything I do, not only just sport but every aspect. I work hard to develop really good relationships with my peers, teachers and the student leadership team. I will work hard to develop strategies, activities and events that will continue to improve Te Puke High School for the years to come.

Te Mote Marsh, Student Trustee

What is involved in my student leader role?

As the Student Trustee, I represent our students on the Board of Trustees. In addition, I am a member of the Student Executive Council.  As part of my role, I am an advocate for the students of the school. I attend monthly Board meetings and weekly Student Executive Council meetings. I work alongside a fantastic group of Student Leaders and staff. It is my job to ensure that the student’s needs are paramount.

What I propose to do in my student leader role?

I applied for the role of Student Trustee because I wanted to dedicate my time and service to the school.  I am an advocate of the school. I took on the role to ensure that the student education is paramount. I want to encourage our students to strive for their passions. I want to promote the 5Rs and help students develop determination, confidence and creativity. By promoting this, I think that I will be able to assist students realise their own potential and for them to think critically, creatively and possess an open mind. Most importantly the learning and safety of the students is my top priority and I will help them with the best of my ability to ensure that this goal is attained.

What legacy do I want to leave?

I would like to leave the legacy of helping students follow their passions, their hopes and dreams. I truly believe that our school is full of young passionate, ambitious and creative students that can do many great things for the school community or life in general.

Meet our House Captains for 2019

Each of the fve houses (Blake, Hillary, Morihana, Ngata and Sheppard) are led by two student House Captains and a teacher, who is the Head of House.
The student House Captains for this year are:

Blake Banner b

Jonique Boyle


Kaea Adams

Hillary Banner b

Loren Lilley


Justin Russell

Morihana Banner b

Kayla Harvey


Lukas Harris

Ngata Banner b

Maia Moko


Levi Horton

Sheppard Banner b

Macey Riddell


Kelepi Taufa

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