Each of the five houses (Blake, Hillary, Morihana, Ngata and Sheppard) are led by two student House Captains and a teacher, who is the Head of House.

Blake Banner b
Kurt Mastny

Kurt Mastny


Ainsley Ashe

Blake HC M 2022

Kurtis Wehi

Hillary Banner b

James Tulloch

Hillary HC F 2022

Lizzy Newton

Hillary HC M 2022

Ashton Zaal

Morihana Banner b

Steph Davids

Morihana HC F 2022

Tiffin Paul

Morihana HC M 2022

Reuben Dwan

Ngata Banner b
HOH Ngata

Tayla Toma (Acting HOH)

Ngata HC F 2022

Miah Hammond

Ngata HC M 2022

Cory Murray

Sheppard Banner b

Josh Crump

Sheppard HC 1 2022

Paige Williams

Sheppard HC 2 2022

Amy Phillips

House Champions

2021 Sheppard and Ngata joint winners
2020 Ngata
2019 Ngata
2018 Sheppard
2017  Ngata
2016  Blake
2015  Blake
2014  Ngata
2013  Hillary
2012  Sheppard
2011  Blake
2010  Ngata
2009  Blake
2008  Ngata