Our 21st Century Learners Must have Modern Technology to Help them Engage in Quality Learning.

At Te Puke High School we have made a considerable investment in leading-edge technology for students and staff to use, to achieve our school vision; “Inspiring our students and staff to be future focussed learners who realise their potential. Kia whakaara nga kaiako me nga akonga kia u, kia mataara.”


We have approximately 700 computers available for our students to use, including: desktop machines, laptops, netbooks, chromebooks, PCs, Macs and ipads.
Each teacher is provided with a laptop and appropriate support to improve their knowledge and skills to use modern technology.

Digital Classrooms

Our students and teachers are confident using Google Classroom as a collaborative platform for creating and distributing digital learning resources.
Our students use Google Sites as their e-portfolios to gather evidence of their learning and achievement.


Our students and staff are provided with up-to-date software programmes to meet their learning needs, including: Microsoft Office suite, Google Applications, Adobe Suite, Solidworks, 2D design, Archicad, Aspire, Audacity, Unreal Development Kit, GeoGebra, Lego Mindstorms, Lexia 5, Microsoft Movie Maker, Mixcraft, Python, Scratch, Sibelius. Sketchup and Cura.

Digital Machinery

Our students use computers to design objects as technological solutions to real-world problems.
These objects are then created using appropriate computer-controlled machinery; 3D printer, computer-controlled laser cutting machine, or a computer-controlled router machine.

Drone Technology

Through gaining their Drone Pilots’ Licence, our junior students develop their understanding of applications for this type of modern technology.
Our specialist drone pilots use the school’s state-of-the-art drone with a 360 degree video camera, to provide a high quality professional drone videoing service for our school and community.

Virtual Reality

Our students are provided with the opportunity to learn using cutting-edge Virtual Reality hardware and software.
Teachers provide quality learning opportunities for our students to use the software programme Unreal Engine to create their own programmes for Virtual Reality.
Our students are working with our local business community to create Virtual Reality solutions to real-world problems.