Small Groups

Our Small Groups promote students’ sense of identity, belonging and wellbeing.

Groups of approximately 15 students meet daily in their Small Group with a member of staff who is their leader.
The purpose of the Small Groups Approach at Te Puke High School is:

  • To foster a strong sense of identity, belonging and purpose amongst students and staff.
  • To develop meaningful relationships for our students with a ‘significant adult’.
  • To nurture leadership amongst students and staff.
  • To improve learning and achievement.
  • To facilitate the development of our school as a truly great community of learners.

“A strength of the school’s curriculum is the pastoral care system. The small group time promotes students’ sense of belonging and wellbeing. These cross year-level groups led by a staff member, foster reciprocal long-term relationships among students, parents and whanau. A collaborative approach by school personnel and external expertise supports the care and wellbeing of students.” ERO Report, 2015