Cultural Diversity

At Te Puke High School we Celebrate Cultural Diversity

Te Puke High School is a truly multicultural community, comprising of students and staff from many different nationalities, including: American, Argentinian, Australian, Austrian, British, Channel Island, Chilean, Chinese, Dutch, Fijian, Filipino, French, German, Hong Kong Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Kiribati, Lebanese, Māori, Nepalese, New Zealander, Papua New Guinean, Samoan, Scottish, Slovak, Swedish, Swiss, Thai, Tongan, Tuvaluan and Vietnamese. At Te Puke High School, all cultures are valued and celebrated. Events are held throughout the year to celebrate our cultural diversity.
The culture of Te Puke High School itself is directed by our Guiding Principles; our Vision, our Mission and our Core Values. Students, teachers and parents/caregivers are expected to form strong positive partnerships focused on supporting the student so that they can reach their potential. The Small Group Approach is used to help students and staff form strong relationships and support each other.

Cultural Responsiveness
Having an awareness and appreciation of other cultures are important attributes for our 21st century learners.

The school’s Cultural Leaders, along with the Cultural Committee, organise events and activities that enable our students and staff to learn about the different cultures in our school, thereby developing their cultural awareness and appreciation.

Māori Student Mentoring
Te Roopu Taurahere (Māori student mentoring programme) has been operating at Te Puke High School since 2007.
The group’s approach is based on tuakana teina principles with our senior Māori students being mentors for our junior Māori students.
Te Roopu Taurahere has contributed to the significant improvement in our Māori students’ NCEA results in recent years.

Pasifika Student Mentoring
The Pasifika student mentoring programme was implemented in 2017 to provide support and guidance for our diverse range of Pasifika students and enable them to realise their potential.