Career Education

Our Students are Provided with Quality Academic and Career Counselling.

At Te Puke High School we have a dedicated Career Education department and place great importance on each and every student having access to quality academic and career counselling.   We have four permanent teachers and two support staff dedicated to providing quality career education for every Year 9 to 13 student.

Our well resourced Career Education Department is located within our Student Learning Centre in the centre of the school campus.

Our Career Education department is regarded by the Ministry of Education as one of the best in New Zealand because it is leading the way in providing our students with Career Education, Gateway experiences and Trade Academy programmes.

In the senior school we offer the following specialised programmes:

  • Early Childhood Education.
  • Practical Pathways to Achievement.
  • Skills 4 Success Programme.
  • Gateway Programme.
  • Bay of Plenty Trades Academy.

Students who intend to go on to university or polytech are provided with support to complete their applications to University/Polytech, Halls of Residences and Scholarships.

We welcome parents/caregivers making appointments with our staff to discuss their child’s career aspirations and to assist with planning suitable pathways.