Parents & Caregivers

We Encourage Parents & Caregivers to Work with their Child’s Teachers

Research shows that when parents & caregivers become actively involved in their child’s education and form supportive relationships with the school, their child tends to be more engaged at school.  At Te Puke High School, we consider each student’s learning and achievement as a strong positive partnership between the student, parents/caregivers and the school. We actively encourage parents & caregivers to work positively with their child’s teachers to improve their child’s learning and achievement.


Our prospectus provides an overview of our school and our philosophy for the education of our students.  It is an important ‘touchstone’ for our school, presenting who we are, what we believe in and how we operate.

Hot Tips for Parents & Caregivers

This ‘Hot Tips’ booklet provides parents & caregivers with important information about how they can support their child at Te Puke High School so that they can realise their potential.


Every student who enrols at Te Puke High School agrees to wear the correct uniform with pride and in the correct way.  This includes on their way to school, during the school day and when they leave the school grounds.
Parents/caregivers are expected to support the school by ensuring that their child always wears the correct uniform correctly.
 Regulation school uniforms or sports uniforms must be worn when travelling.
Te Puke High School will take whatever steps necessary to ensure the uniform is worn correctly.


Students from Contributing Schools

  • Enrolment interviews will be scheduled through your son/daughter’s Year 8 teacher.
  • Complete the application form and attach a copy of all documents that are required.
  • Bring all these documents to your enrolment interview.
  • Your enrolment at Te Puke High School will be confirmed in writing.

Other Students

  • Please telephone reception on (07) 573 9769 to request an enrolment pack.
  • Arrange an enrolment interview appointment.
  • Complete the application form. Attach a copy of all documents required.
  • Bring all these documents to your enrolment interview.
  • You will be notified in writing of the outcome and, if offered a place, have 14 days to confirm that offer.

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